Ways To Make Your Unwanted Stuff More Saleable

Making your used stuff desirable to others can make it sell better. Depending upon how you’re selling it, you can get more interest in the items if you take your time to make them look great, show how they work, and price them right.

1. Clean It Up – No one wants a dusty item that looks dirty. Clean it up the best that you can, using the right tools and cleaners. For example, if it’s a wedding dress, get it dry-cleaned so that they know it’s been cleaned since the last time someone wore it.

2. Display It Well – If you’re selling it among other items, you want to group the item with like items to show it off. If you can show it on a person if it’s clothing, that’s great too. Old pictures of someone wearing the item will show the buyer how it looks.

3. Take Great Images – If you’re selling online, you will need to learn how to take good images. If you don’t have good lighting inside, the best thing to do is take it outside in the sunlight to photograph. Take pictures of the item from different sides, highlighting the different features.

4. Refurbish It – If it’s old but you want to get a really good price for it, go ahead and refurbish it so that it looks good. If it’s a wooden coffee table that the finish has been worn on, it doesn’t take much to sand it down and put on a new coating of polyurethane, paint, oil, or wax (depending on the type of finish you want).

5. Price It Right – If you really want to sell something fast, look at the prices like items are going for and then match or go a little lower. That will cause your listing to show first to them, and they’re going to be more likely to buy yours if all else is equal.

6. Write a Good Description – If you’re selling it online, you’ll need to write a very good description. Use bullet points, keywords, and an honest description of the good features as well as the flaws in the item. That way people know exactly what they’re getting, and search engines can find your item.

7. Upcycle It – You can also turn something old into something new by upcycling. For example, an old wool sweater or a bunch of them can become a coat or a baby blanket. A bunch of old shirts can become a quilt, and an old entertainment center can become a child’s kitchen toy. You can even use old costume jewelry to make Christmas decorations.

8. Demonstrate How It Works – If your item is electronic, a great way to sell it is to create a short video demonstrating how the item works. That way they won’t be afraid to buy it, or they’ll understand how to use it better.

Putting all your unwanted items in their best light to sell will make them more saleable. You just have to think like your buyer. Think about who would need this item and then make it perfect for them.

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