8 Things To Watch Out For When Booking A Holiday Online

Everyone loves to get a bargain when it comes to traveling, but some deals come with fine print that can actually make you end up paying more. You can also fall victim to sites selling bogus flights and package holidays if you don’t use one of the more popular travel sites.

1. Fake Package Holidays and Bookings

Millions of pounds are stolen every year by fake package holiday firms. They take the money, don’t make the bookings promised, and disappear. In other cases, the booking company might charge one amount of money, but the travelers get billed for a second amount when they get to the hotel. This might include taxes, fees, surcharges, and a booking fee from the service used.

2. Low Fare Lures

Some sites lure you with low fares by showing only the rock-bottom best price on offer. However, many factors affect the fare, such as day of the week, time of day, airport hubs, time of the year, and so on. And you can’t possibly expect to pay a low fare during peak travel times such as Christmas or summer vacations.

The site will lead you through the booking process all the way to the end, when you will click to see your final price. It can be a real shock, and of course, this whole process is a complete waste of time.

3. Email Scams

Emails will often take you to phishing sites that will try to collect personal data which they can then use for identity theft.

4. Fake Travel Vouchers

With this scam, you buy a voucher for a certain low price and are supposed to cash it in for a ticket whenever you like. Most of these vouchers are fake.

5. The All-Inclusive Package Holiday That Isn’t

Travelers need to watch out for this one, even at reputable sites. If you are booking a flight and hotel, you might think you are getting a great deal, only to find that the accommodation only covers the first night at the hotel. The site is accepting the booking even though there is limited or no room availability for all the dates you plan to stay.

Read the fine print and check all the dates carefully before you hit the Buy button. Otherwise you could end up with no room and have to pay the going rate to put a roof over your head for the rest of the stay.

6. Auction Sites

These may seem like a great way to get a good deal, but final costs and fees can make it more expensive than just buying it from a reputable travel site.

7. Block Bookings

Some companies buy up plane seats and hotel rooms at rock-bottom prices and then try to sell them for the highest price possible. If you have no real choice and have to travel on a particular date, this can end up costing you a small fortune.

8. Timeshares

Seeing isn’t always believing. You might see what looks to be a gorgeous timeshare, only to find it is a dump when you go for the first time. Also, keep in mind that other sharers may have a very different standard of cleanliness and behavior to yours, leaving you with a total mess to deal with at the start of what should have been a fun vacation.

Everyone looks forward to their holidays, so don’t miss out by falling for one of these scams.