12 Tips For Refashioning Your Winter Wardrobe

Once there is a chill in the air, it’s time to take out your winter clothing to get ready for a few months of cold. The trouble with winter is that most of us still want to look stylish even in clunkier clothes. Fortunately, there are ways to refashion your winter wardrobe so you can make the most of what you have and not feel the need to run out and buy even more clothes.

Check What You Have

Take everything out and sort it into types of items first: sweater, pants, dresses, and so on. Then start organizing it into mix-and-match outfits to make the most of each piece. Make a list, and/or hang the items in the closet together.

If there are any items left at the end that don’t have at least one good match, you have a couple of choices. If you love the item, you could go shopping at a thrift store to find a couple of garments that would go with it. Or, you can donate it to the thrift store or sell it on eBay if it is in good condition.

Refashioning Tips

With all of your remaining outfits, try the following 12 tips.

1. Belt it

Add a stylish belt to any outfit in order to look slimmer.

2. Dress it

Use a long sweater as a dress or tunic with leggings.

3. Change the buttons

You can give jackets and coats a whole new look with this one simple change.

4. Add a brooch

A brooch or lapel pin can make a garment go from drab to fab.

5. A signature necklace

A signature necklace will draw attention to the upper part of your body, so no one really needs to pay attention to the plain black pants or leggings you are wearing.

6. Put on perky patches

Patches can perk up sweaters and dresses that might be thinning around the elbows or even have holes in them. You can opt for the usual sturdy leather, or go for fun and interesting patches with contrasting colors and shapes like hearts.

You can also add applique patches to cover over any stains or rips you might have in the clothes, giving your favorite items a whole new lease on life.

7. Mix and match

Take two sweaters and swap tops and bottoms. You will need to do this carefully in order to stop them from each unravelling, but can get some all-new creative looks in no time.

8. The sweater skirt or dress

Use the bottom of the sweater as a knit skirt. You can also add a solid knit sweater that is form-fitting to the top of the skirt, for a stylish sweater dress.

9. Add lace

Lace lends a touch of sophisticated elegance to almost any garment. Add it to collars or cuffs to freshen up your favorites.

10. Add velvet

Velvet also gives a touch of understated elegance. It works well for collars and patches.

11. Add leather

Leather can transform collars. You can also use it to create cuffs for a garment that might be fraying. Leather is also ideal for elbow patches, especially if you are always poking through your sweaters.

12. Transfer a pullover into a cardigan

Have a baggy sweater you love, but it makes you look like a hippo when you wear it? Cut it up the middle to turn into a button-down cardigan. You will lose a couple of inches on each side of the cut, to add the buttons and button holes and make sure it doesn’t unravel. Choose complementary-colored buttons, or go wild with dressy ones.