Singing = Improving Mood = Raising Energy

Have you ever had one of those days where you have no energy and you simply don’t want to deal with anything else? One way to get past the doldrums is to put on some upbeat music and sing to your heart’s content. Singing improves your mood and raises your energy level, giving you the impetus you need to get moving.

Studies have long proven the benefit of singing on your well-being. Belting out a favorite tune or singing along with the radio can be what the doctor ordered to turn your mood around. Try it while you’re tackling an unpleasant task. Singing will not only make the time fly past, but it will make the task seem not quite so bad.

Some research shows how singing can do more than improve your mood. It may actually be one way to reduce pain. Some experts think singing might even be able to prolong your life. How does this work?

Singing causes a person to breathe in a different way than mere talking allows. When you get more oxygen into your system, it helps lower your heart rate, decrease blood pressure, and reduce stress. Pain may not seem as severe because it’s blocking the neural pathways which pain travels along.

Amazingly enough, experts agree that singing, especially when done in unison with others such as in a choir, is most beneficial to senior citizens. Their health can improve as well as their mental state. They have more to look forward to and have a better general outlook on life.

Reports suggest singing can also be beneficial for Alzheimer and other dementia patients. It seems singing is something everyone can remember and will lift these patients up. Even if they get to the point they can’t talk legibly, they may still be able to sing and enjoy music.

The benefits of singing also include boosting the immune system by increasing the level of immunoglobulin A and cortisol in the system. Among other benefits include:

* Increased lung capacity
* Relief of asthma and its symptoms
* Better posture
* Higher energy levels
* Increased feelings of relaxation
* Better mood
* More confidence

Are you shy and afraid to sing with others? No worries! Sing in the shower while the water is cascading and making noise. There’s no need to feel self-conscious about your voice while you’re alone and you won’t have to worry about being teased. Go ahead, let the songs burst forth. You’ll feel better from having let the music overtake you.

As research continues into the health benefits of singing, don’t be surprised if you hear more and more how important it is to sing. And sing you must if you want these benefits. They aren’t necessarily available when playing a musical instrument or simply listening to music. The very act of singing is what improves your mood and raises your energy.