Natural Treatments For Hair Loss: Do They Work?

More than likely you’ve found some natural home treatments for hair loss online. But, can and do these treatments really work? We found some of the treatments and studied whether they work or not. Here’s what we found.

* Coconut Oil – Some people claim that rubbing coconut oil on the scalp will help lower the incidence of hair loss. However, while coconut oil will not hurt your head or hair, it’s not going to make your hair loss stop or even make your hair grow faster. It will make your hair soft and shiny, though, so there is no reason you cannot use it. Having said that, don’t allow your hair to stay oily around the scalp area unless you are suffering from dry patches that need treatment.

* Egg Yolks – Some people claim that the nutrients in egg yolks can help your hair grow if you spread it on your head. But, this is not true. Now, if you eat eggs which are rich in protein and you’re losing hair due to lack of protein, that may indeed help you grow more hair.

* Diet – If you are losing hair due to poor nutrition, then eating a healthier diet can help. The healthiest diet for anyone suffering hair loss due to nutrition depends on the person. The best thing to do is go to the doctor and get a blood test to find out your nutritional levels, and then eat according to your needs.

* Supplements and Vitamins – Again, don’t take supplements and vitamins without knowing the reason for your hair loss. Some people, for example, find that they are losing hair due to being anemic which is a shortage of iron. But, without knowing the nutritional blood profile of the person losing hair, it’s hard to tell. If you are losing hair due to a deficit, then fixing that will help your hair grow back.

* Essential Oils – Some people swear by essential oils like lavender, rosemary, and others to fight hair loss. But, there are no scholarly studies that prove this assumption. In fact, in some cases, misuse of too many essential oils can cause scalp burns if you use the wrong amount and the wrong levels. But, if you use them correctly, applying oils to your scalp (especially if it’s dry) won’t hurt you.

* Scalp Massage – If you are losing hair, there is some proof that for some people scalp massage will help. The reason is that it stimulates the follicles, bringing blood and nutrition to the scalp. The hair grows at the root, so it just makes sense that treating the root and the scalp can help. Having said that, it depends on the issues you’re experiencing whether this will work or not. But again, it will not hurt you and it feels great.

* Meditation – If you are losing your hair due to a high level of stress, then there is no doubt that reducing your stress is beneficial. Adding meditation practice to learn how to handle your stress better will indeed help.

* Proper Haircare – Many people over-style their hair. They use a lot of chemicals, hot irons, and even glue in their hair – all of which can cause hair loss. If you do this and are losing hair as a result, then naturally using proper hair care techniques that are chemical free and gentle can help you regrow your hair over time.

As you can see, it truly depends on the reason behind the hair loss as to whether the natural treatments will work for you. If it’s something you’re doing such as over-styling your hair, using too many chemicals or stress then yes – the home remedies can work.

But if it’s a function of your genetics or temporary loss due to chemotherapy, there really isn’t anything you can do to prevent it, and you may want to seek more conventional medical treatments. Or wait it out by buying good wigs and scarves instead of wasting your time and money.