13 Things That Sell Well at Yard Sales

If you have these items, your yard sale will be a big hit. These things are what people are looking for when they go to a yard sale. Of course, they do want a bargain price – they’re looking for 50 to 90 percent off the original price.

1. Equipment and Tools

Keep in mind that things like woodworking tools, yard tools and more need to be in good condition and sold for a song. If you’re not willing to get rid of your tools inexpensively, then you may want to try selling them in another manner. However, even a broken but fixable lawn mower will sell.

2. Kids’ Outdoor Toys

Swing sets, tables, and more that are for playing outdoors and are still in good condition tend to sell well at yard sales. People like getting things cheaply for their kids to keep them busy during good weather.

3. Outdoor Furniture

If you have outdoor furniture such as a table and chairs, picnic table and the like, these things sell well at garage sales. Clean it up and make it look attractive.

4. Wood Furniture

If you have some older wood furniture that can be refurbished, this is very popular to sell at garage sales. Due to the popularity of refurbishing and reusing things, as well as all the ideas you can find online these days, it’s super-hot.

5. Costume Jewelry

If you have costume jewelry that is in good repair, then you can sell it at garage sales. This is because people like to not only wear costume jewelry, they also like to use it in crafts. They like to get this very inexpensively, though, so don’t expect to make a profit.

6. Kids’ Clothing

This is such a good way to get rid of gently used clothing items for kids. Keep in mind that when you donate these things to thrift stores (even ones run by a charity), often the prices are marked up so much that a lot of less fortunate people cannot afford them. You can sell them a lot more cheaply yourself, worth more than the write-off you get on your taxes.

7. Name Brand Clothing

For all types of clothing, name brand, gently used clothing will sell well. Make sure you display it nicely so that people can look at it. If you can set up a dressing area in your garage with a divider to protect modesty, you may sell even more.

8. Like-New Items

Any type of items that are like-new will sell well at a garage sale, because people are looking for a good bargain. When something looks new and you’re selling it for a low price (think 90 percent off MSRP) they’ll buy it.

9. Home Décor Items

Did you change your décor and you have things that still look great just taking up garage and attic space? Your garage sale is an excellent place to sell the décor items. Set them up together in matching displays and offer group pricing for buyers to take it all.

10. Books

If the books aren’t outdated (such as technology-related books), then books do sell well at garage sales as long as you don’t try to sell them for more than a buck. People still like paper books and they’re getting harder to come by used due to the advent of electronic books and readers.

11. Cold Drinks and Snacks

Don’t make lemonade; you may have issues with the health department. But you can buy soda cans and bottles of water. Sell them for a buck each to the tired and hungry. Sometimes light, packaged snacks (like meat sticks, cookies and crackers) sell well too.

12. Retro Toys

Do you have older wooden toys, train sets, in the package Barbies, and more from the 80s or earlier? If so, you may have a goldmine that you don’t want to sell at just a garage sale. However, if you want to let them go fast, they will sell at a garage sale.

13. Antiques

If you have bona fide antiques that need fixing up, your garage sale is the place to let them go. You’re not going to be able to sell them at a super-high price, but if they’re just taking up space and have no emotional meaning to you, why not let them go?

Selling your stuff at a yard sale can be cathartic. It can also help you gather some extra money for savings, trips and more. Plus, your home will be a lot cleaner when you get rid of stuff that is just collecting dust and taking up space.

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