Background Ideas For Your Fish Tank

Fish are a great first pet, and many individuals go on to love them for life. As a person becomes more knowledgeable about their fish, usually the tank and the amount of fish in it grows.

When you have a fish tank, part of the fun is decorating it. By creating an interesting background, it provides scenery that can add beautiful décor to whatever room it is placed in. Here are some ideas for your fish tank background.


There are many different colors and styles of fish tank backgrounds that you can buy. Self-adhesive backgrounds are a nice, easy way to add some flair to your fish tank. They come in a wide variety of scenes, and can even be custom made. Whether you want your fish tank to look like the inside of a cave or an open sky, self-adhesive backgrounds can work for you and your fish.

Your Own Photo

Do you have a specific photo that you would like to be used as your fish tank background? Perhaps it is a beautiful scenery photo you took on your favourite vacation, or maybe it is even your family photo.

All you need to do is to find the picture you want, measure your fish tank, resize the photo to the proper dimensions, then print it out and stick it onto the back of your fish tank. Be sure to use a file that is high enough quality to print a large enough size for your fish tank, or you will end up with visible pixels. Print your photo at a reputable lab – you will want it to look its best since it will be on display.

Rock Backgrounds

Instead of just dumping a few random rocks into the bottom of your fish tank, why not build an entire back wall of rocks? What you will need is something flat and firm to glue the rocks onto, which is cut into the shape of the back wall of the fish tank. Then you will need a glue that is especially made for underwater endeavours, and be sure to choose glue that is safe for fish.

Simply glue the rocks side by side to the firm background, and place the background in the correct spot. If the back wall doesn’t look like enough, you can build the rocks along one of the sides as well to give the fish tank a more cozy and closed-in feel.

Plant Paradise

If you love greenery and can’t get enough of it, simply fill the back of your fish tank with a large group of plants. You can choose from a variety of fish tank fillers. Keep the look simple by choosing similar types, or throw in a wild mix of plants… it’s up to you. Just be sure to use tall plants at the back to cover any clear spaces, and then size down as they get closer to the front.

Your fish tank should be personal to both you and the fish who live in it. Why create a fish tank that looks exactly like everyone else’s? By designing a unique place for your fish to dwell, you will feel pride every time you see your fish and the tank they are enjoying.

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