Fitness Tracking

Also known as health tracking, or life logging, fitness tracking is all about the ‘quantified self.’ In other words, it’s about measuring your performance and your stats throughout the day as you train and as you go through your usual activities. This means things like your steps taken, your heart rate, your calories burned, your temperature, your stress levels and more.

Together, all this information can be combined to create a somewhat-complete picture of your health. You can then take that information and use it to guide your future training, to see where your weaknesses lie and hopefully to further improve your wellbeing.

Included with the Fitness Tracking is the Fitness Tracking Mindmap and the Fitness Tracking Cheat Sheet.

Please note that this is a zipped file. You’ll need a zip utility to un-pack the zipped files. If you don’t have a zip utility on your PC you can get a free program here: (link opens in a new window).