Are People With A Sense of Humor More Successful?

Often it can be a tricky thing to use humor in business. The humor needs to be tasteful and used at just the right time. But, the fact is that according to several studies, people who can be humorous are a lot more successful in life. There are many reasons that humor is one of the keys to success.

Humorous People Get Along with Others Better

People who have a heightened sense of humor and joy often get along better with others, thus helping improve the environment at work. When someone can look at themselves and laugh about their mistakes, or help others laugh about theirs, everyone just gets along better. They have the attitude of, “Will this matter in 100 years?” If it won’t, they’ll joke about it – even making fun of themselves.

Humorous People Are More Innovative

Most people who are great at telling a work-appropriate joke tend to be more innovative. They can see through situations to see all sides of it in a way that makes them able to make a joke, but also in ways that make them able to see new potential solutions.

Humorous People Don’t Take Themselves Too Seriously

Sometimes when you think of the class clown you think of someone who is a little irritating, but the type of humor we’re talking about here is not blue. It’s a way not to take themselves too seriously regardless of what they have control over. When people in charge can let others make fun of them in some way as well as make fun of others (without insults), they’re able to just let the really bad stuff wash right over them.

Humorous People Take More Risks

It’s risky to tell a joke in the workplace. This is true whether it’s your co-workers or your boss hearing it. Just taking the chance shows that the joker is not risk averse and will be more likely to take steps that are risky but well thought out – which can make them win more business.

Humor Builds a Strong Team Environment

When workers feel like they can be themselves, they’re more likely to show their humorous side at work. This enables people to get closer and build relationships in the workplace. Being able to be yourself builds a strong team environment that will work even harder to meet their goals because it’s not only work – it’s fun.

Humorous People Are Better at Networking

It just makes sense that people who are easily funny tend to have more connections. That’s because they’re not afraid to go up to people, shake hands, get to know them, and yes, make some jokes. Laughter can bond people in ways that can bring long-term connections that help get more done.

Humorous People Have Creative Minds

The ability to see what’s happening around them and making a joke about something that is happening right now is very creative. When you can connect things together with humor, that creativity can translate to more creative solutions for everything at work, regardless of the job. Many businesses use humor for advertisements, marketing messages, and even in the packaging.

Humorous People Have Higher Social Intelligence

Studies have shown that people who are humorous tend to have higher social intelligence. This in turn helps you get to know people better, understand their strengths and weaknesses and therefore help them get some kind of joy from their jobs because it’s easier to see what they’re good at.

The ability to make a joke at just the right time can be an important way to clear the air, avoid disagreements, and bring a team together. Not only that, people who are able to make jokes simply just don’t take life too seriously; therefore, they’re able to put things in perspective better with their humor. These things, along with a good work ethic, are keys to success.

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